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Chakana Sky Alpacas

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The Farm 2015-2016  

The field went from being a playground for our Springer Spaniels to a fenced in pasture. The barn was adapted into male and female alpaca quarters. In July 2015 the 3 boys arrived from New England Alpacas. It became obvious quickly that we wanted to have females as well with the hope of growing the herd organically by breeding and producing crias. After breeding, the 3 girls arrived in November 2015 and we decided to officially name our venture Chakana Sky Alpacas and embrace the complete farm business experience. 2016 was a sad and disappointing year for breeding. But we move on. We love our little herd and hope that with successful breeding 2017 and 2018 will provide us with healthy newborn cria and a growing business. As the business develops we will offer luxury alpaca fiber products at local and online venues, open farm days and eventually exceptional animals for sale.

February 03, 2017

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