Sorry, due to Farmer Bill's foot surgery, we will be closed to the public for farm visits until May 22, 2024. Then.... Open by Appointment Only, Most Days, from 10 AM to 4 PM

Chakana Sky Alpacas

Heritage - Harmony - Sanctuary

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Meet Our Team

Georgia M.

Alpaca Handling Assistant

Georgia is the Farm Manager, among many responsible job descriptions, at a local Nature Center. She helps me each month with Ivermectin shots for our alpaca herd. She is a graduate of Unity College, has been a puppy raiser for Guiding Eyes for the Blind, and has rescued and cared for dogs in need. Georgia works with Lana on shearing day to vacuum and deliver the alpacas to the shearing team.

Stacey G.

Hat and photo Card Maker, Super-Fan and Super-Customer

Stacey makes colorful handmade hats that incorporate our animals' yarn with wool or acrylic yarns, topped off with alpaca pom-poms. She also makes photo gift cards from up close and personal portraits of the alpacas. She also holds the titles of most frequent visitor and most loyal customer. Stacey's job on shearing day has been to help Farmer Bill get the fiber in the correct bags as it flies off of the alpaca.

Lana B.

"Yoga with the Alpacas" Instructor

Lana is our instructor for bi-monthly yoga sessions on Sunday mornings before the Chester Sunday Market opens downtown. She is an environmental professional and has her own yoga practice - "Fierce Spirit Yoga". Lana is part of the shearing crew as well, helping to deliver the alpacas, one, by one, to the shearing mat.

Donna B.

General Hard Worker and Mucker Extraordinaire

Donna helps Farmer Bill with some of more mundane but necessary tasks on the farm, like manure management and the jobs that are best done by two people. Farmer Bill hit the wall in the heat waves of the Summer and decided he needed to hire someone to help. Donna has a horse, so is no stranger to quantities of manure. We use my compact tractor to periodically clean out the boys' and girls' pen areas. She has also been known to weed and stack firewood. I think she will make a fine addition to the team on Shearing Day.

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